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Anatomy of a Lie

God’s Kingdom, to which the ecclesia are called, will be founded in truth.  Satan’s kingdom, which we live in, is founded in lies, deception, and liars.  A major part of the ecclesia’s task, is to sort out the difference, and recognize one from the other.  God’s word, as recorded in the Bible, is all we have to do so, but how much of it are we willing to believe?

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Pentecost 2024

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First Day of Unleavened Bread 2024

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Last Day of Unleavened Bread 2024

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Our Father and Our God

In John 20:17, Christ made it plain that His God and our God, were one and the same.  In the same text, he said our Father and his Father were also the same.  Christianity, generally is Christ centered, rather than God the Father centered.  What is it that Christ said about His Father, so that we might come to know Him as both our Father and our God?


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The Will of God

Christ’s example prayer of Matt 6: 9-13, is known by millions and recited by same, but do they really know and understand what it is they are asking for?  What if that prayer is fulfilled, would they be surprised at it’s answer?  Christ defined His brothers and sisters and mother, as being those who do the Will of God.  What is that anyway, this Will of God, and would we recognize it if we saw it?  If the ecclesia are supposed to do it, it is likely best they come to know what that is.

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The Son of God

Procreation, engendering, fathering, begetting, and reproducing Oneself is a BIG deal to the Father.


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The Discernment of Good & Evil

Spiritual maturity is defined for us as being able to rightly discern good and evil, which are principles that God alone has the right to set.

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The Image of God

Christ is the image of God. What does that mean?


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How does God look at that city?

Jerusalem Chronicles

Shackled by Doctrine

A message for Atonement, Yom Kippurim 2023


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Holy Spirit

Forbidden Topics: The Holy Spirit


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There’s a Fly in the Ointment

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The Rapture

Forbidden Topics: The Rapture


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House of Israel

Forbidden Topics: House of Israel


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Calendar Conundrum

Forbidden Topics: The Calendar


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New Moons

Forbidden Topics: New Moons


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Heart of the Matter


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Mystery of the Millennium

The Bible never uses the term millennium. The church has used it, but never defined it in any consistent way. What does the Bible actually say about what has been referred to by many, as the “millennium”?


Just What Is the Millennium?

Are We Giving The Father His Due?

As part of the Ecclesia, do we relish the opportunity to establish a righteous kingdom on the earth?

A message for Trumpets 2023

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