Just What Is the Millennium?

Boyd's 14-part series. Does the phrase, "the latter days" or the "last days" reference what we call the "millennium"? Or does it refer to the time prior to the time when Christ will rule? What does the Bible actually say?

Millennium Part 1     Audio     Transcript 

Millennium  Part 2    Audio     Transcript

Millennium  Part 3     Audio     Transcript

Millennium  Part 4     Audio     Transcript

Millennium  Part 5     Audio     Transcript

Millennium  Part 6     Audio     Transcript 

Millennium  Part 7    Audio     Transcript

Millennium  Part 8     Audio     Transcript

Millennium  Part 9    Audio     Transcript

Millennium  Part 10     Audio     Transcript

Millennium  Part 11     Audio     Transcript 

Millennium  Part 12    Audio     Transcript

Millennium  Part 13     Audio     Transcript

Millennium  Part 14     Audio     Transcript