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Boyd Yahn, North Battleford, SK, Canada

The Son of God

Procreation, engendering, fathering, begetting, reproducing Oneself is a BIG deal to the Father.



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The Discernment of Good & Evil

Spiritual maturity is defined for us as being able to rightly discern good and evil, which are principles that God alone has the right to set.

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The Image of God

Christ is the image of God. What does that mean?


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How does God look at that city?

Jerusalem Chronicles

Mystery of the Millennium

The Bible never uses the term millennium. The church has used it, but never defined it in any consistent way. What does the Bible actually say about what has been referred to by many, as the “millennium”?


Just What Is the Millennium?

Are We Giving The Father His Due?

As part of the Ecclesia, do we relish the opportunity to establish a righteous kingdom on the earth?

A message for Trumpets 2023

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Shackled by Doctrine

A message for Atonement, Yom Kippurim 2023


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