wil berg

Wil Berg, Dubois, WY

Passover: Addressing Controversial Details

This study paper examines areas of Scripture and history that have created ongoing disagreement. It also gives further biblical support for observing the Passover as a supper on Abib 15.


Comments Related to Abib 14 and 15

How Exodus 12 shows Jesus’ Abib 14 “last supper” was not Passover.


Passover Differences - Another Look

Another look at the Observance of the Passover.


Resurrection of Firstfruits: Pentecost or Trumpets?

Most Churches of God teach the resurrection of firstfruits is pictured by the fall holy day of Trumpets. Others teach the firstfruit resurrection will happen on or around the spring holy day of Pentecost (Greek = count fifty), which in Hebrew is the “Feast of Weeks”. All agree that these days are major parts of God’s end time plan, that they are based on the yearly spring and fall harvest seasons, and that they are to be kept today with God’s commandments and the other holy days.



Passover Observance Early 15th

This paper explains why I now believe Passover should be observed the night of the 15th instead of the night of the 14th.


Responding to Differences of
Beliefs & Practices

Because our understanding of God the Father and His Son is so important and foundational, we should be careful how we build on this foundation, but especially where we encounter differences of interpretation of belief and practice. The instructions and principles we should consider are found in Romans 14 and 1 Corinthians 14.


Examining Church Governance

Government is authorized by God for the protection, benefit, and peaceful existence of human society (Romans 13:1- 5; 1Peter 2:13-15). But these purposes and objectives cannot be properly achieved unless they are led and administered by righteous, just, God-fearing people.


Dubois, WY