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Mark Mickelson, Spokane, WA

The Comings of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ’s coming for the resurrected saints is prior to The Great Tribulation, and yet scripture shows a great body of saints having been refined in the fire of The Great Tribulation. Both groups are first-fruits of the spiritual harvest and rise to be with God the Father and Jesus Christ in heaven. It is after The Great Tribulation that God the Father and Jesus Christ come down to the earth with the saints to establish the Kingdom of God over all the nations. Recognizing the difference in the context and timing of these events is critical to being able to understand what is represented by YHVH’s harvest festivals.

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The Record of Scripture vs Here a Little, There a Little

Man has always wanted to add his words to God’s words or to just replace God’s words entirely, but what you end up with is the commandments of men. God’s words are evident in the consistency of the record of scripture rather than by interpretation. Trying to understand the Bible “here a little, there a little” allows for interpretation and is portrayed in Isaiah 28 as a curse.

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The Judgment of the Nations

There are three harvest festivals a year with the last one referred to as the Feast of Ingathering in Exodus 23 and 34. The Feast of Ingathering completes the yearly harvest cycle and portrays the harvest of all the Nations. What it does not portray is the millennium. It truly is hard to unwind the many years of incorrect teaching, but it is important to recognize and accept what the record of scripture truly says.

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Was YHVH Married To Israel?

Our historical understanding is that Jesus Christ, in the Old Testament, had a marriage covenant relationship with Israel. When you understand though that YHVH is the Father, then the question arises whether the Father had the same. Was YHVH married to Israel? The answer is important to understanding how the Father related to Israel and impacts our understanding of how He relates to us today.


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The View From This Side Of The Grass

The Bible states that a lifespan is generally 70 to 80 years and part of the glory of living to that age would be to have gained some wisdom. I have had the blessing of living to that age and there are some lessons I would like to share.



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