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Austin Wildt, Kalispell, MT

No One You Know Tithes

This 2-part study dives into the concept of God’s tithing system and reveals how it is impossible for us today to tithe the way God instructed. Our traditional understanding and teachings are gone through piece-by-piece and held to the scrutiny of scripture. We are going to take a hard and in-depth look at what God’s tithing system was and what it was not.


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The Acceptable Year of the Lord

A study detailing the appearances of Jesus as a teacher in His ministry in the book of John.

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Chronology of the Last Supper

These are the events leading up to, during, and just after what is commonly called the “Lord’s supper” or “last supper”. My commentary throughout is about the events and explanation on why I believe this meal was NOT a Passover meal. In the Old Testament of the Bible, the Passover is not a day, it is a sacrifice that was killed at twilight at the end of the 14th day of the first month.


Covenants, Blood and Marriage

We’ll go through the scriptures to see what is said about covenants–what types where were; how many there were; and with whom they were made. We’ll also dig a bit into the marriage covenant and see what we find. Scripture, historic records, culture and common understandings are all looked at to see how they stack up to each other.


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